Joe's Cowtown Photos and More is being run as part of the Joe's Cowtown Employment Project of Joe's Cowtown Foundation. It is designed to help teach students essential business skills that they will need to know in order to be successful in the workplace, once they have successfully completed their studies.

Joe's Cowtown Photos and More encompasses all of the selling and merchandising activities that we do here at Joe's Cowtown Foundation- here on the online gallery, on the online storefront that is maintained on our parent website, in person sales at special events, etc.

And Joe's Cowtown Photos is being run to raise money for charity, primarily for the Super Heroes for Doa'a Program of Joe's Cowtown Foundation. Through this program, we are working to help bring Doa'a Al-Dalou, a young lady living in the Gaza Strip of Palestine, to Kansas City in the US so that she can obtain medical care she really needs to have.

When you make purchases here on the online gallery, on our online storefront, at special events, etc. all of the profits generated from the sales will go to charity. And the primary focus of our fundraising efforts is to help provide assistance to Doa'a and her family.

Throughout the course of our fundraising, we will be periodically teaming up with other charities and conducting joint activities whereby we will be working to raise funds and increase awareness for the charitable missions of all the not-for-profits who are taking part in the particular team up.

Whenever these team ups occur, we will be splitting equally the profits generated from the sale of merchandise (and from the donations as well) with the other not-for-profits who are participating in the team ups.

Prior notice of a team up will always be provided on the online gallery, on our parent website, and throughout our various social media channels.

And people making purchases through Joe's Cowtown Photos and More and making donations to Joe's Cowtown Foundation during a team up will be provided with the opportunity to opt in to having a portion of the proceeds generated from their purchase or donation shared with other charities who are taking place in the team up.

In this fashion, we hope to make your supporting our charity (and on occasion other charities as well) as meaningful and as transparent for you as possible.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Joe's Cowtown Foundation, and of other great causes as well. I really do appreciate your generosity!

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Joe Hoffman, aka "Cowtown Joe"

Program Director of Super Heroes for Doa'a

President of Joe's Cowtown Foundation