Buy from Joe's Cowtown Photos and help Doa'a Al-Dalou, a young lady from the Gaza Strip in Palestine, travel to Kansas City in the United States so that she can receive medical treatment she really needs to have!

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About Doa'a continued

I first had the honor of helping Doa’a while I was working for (at the time) US Representative Dennis Moore (KS-03) when Elizabeth Alex (a news anchor for a local tv new station at the time) reached out to the Congressman’s office to ask for assistance with bringing Doa’a (who was then a small child, not yet two) and her mother and father to Kansas City so that Doa’a could receive some medical assistance that she really needed.

Elizabeth had become acquainted with Doa’a’s parents while she was accompanying a local medical relief agency, Heart to Heart International, on a medical mission to the Middle East.

While she was in Palestine, Doa’a’s parents asked Elizabeth to help bring their daughter to the United States so that she could be treated there, as Doa’a wasn’t able to receive the medical care she needed where she lived in war-torn Gaza.

When Elizabeth returned to Kansas City, she asked US Representative Dennis Moore’s office for assistance with bringing Doa’a to the US so that she could receive medical treatment here. And I had the honor of working with Elizabeth, as I was the Immigrations/State Department Specialist Constituent Services Aide within the Congressman’s office.

Working with Elizabeth was a wonderful experience, and it was truly something that I will always cherish.

As I will always cherish having the opportunity to be of service to Doa’a and her family once again.

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