#Help #animals survive in the wild! Come to the first #event for @CowtownPhotos in #KC on Sun Nov 4! It's a benefit for the @IAPF and their work to protect #wildlife in #Africa. For more info visit CowtownPhotos.com! #fundraiser #photos #charity #wildlifephotography #nature

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Student Marketing Program- Time Tracker

Use the form provided below to register your student marketing activities!

Any time you engage in marketing activities like

*Sending out messages online about the Nov 4 event to benefit the IAPF to your family or friends

*Helping your parents and guardians send out messages online to their friends and family

*Printing off flyers about the event and passing them out offline

*Recruiting fellow students to take part in this awesome program

*Encouraging your teachers to help make other students aware of this program

Or any other activity like the ones mentioned above, be sure to log your time in the Student Time Tracker!

Please submit an entry for each separate student marketing activity. For example, if you engaged in 3 separate student marketing activities in one day (sent out emails to your family and friends about the Nov 4 event, passed out flyers about the event at school, and gave a Teacher Referral letter to one of your teachers to help us get the word out about this great program), you would make 3 separate entries in the Student Time Tracker!

Note: Each submission could earn you service hours that you may need to graduate from school or take part in an honors organization. Be sure to check with your teachers, faculty advisors, etc. to see if your participation in helping promote worthy causes like the IAPF through this Student Marketing Program qualifies as service hours- and hopefully it will!

Each submission also earns you 1 entry into the Student Appreciation Prize Drawings that I am holding as part of this student marketing program.

Click here for more info about these Student Appreciation Prize Drawings!

Notes: If you don't have an email account, you can use your parent's or guardian's email address- with their permission!

You may want to maintain a journal and keep track of your student marketing activities on your own. That way you can easily provide this information to your teachers, counselors or anyone else who may need to verify your participation in this program for service hour purposes!

If your teacher, counselor, etc. needs me to send them information to verify your participation in this program, you can click here to access the Student Marketing Program- Information Release Form
that you will need to use to complete this request.

African Lion 16African Lion 16Topeka Zoo in Topeka, Kansas

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Charolais Cow 1Charolais Cow 1Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve in Strong City, Kansas


Disclosure: Students must be currently attending a school in the Kansas City metropolitan area in order to participate in the Joe's Cowtown Photos Student Marketing Program. Students under age 18 must have permission from a parent or a guardian to take part.